Our Adventures


The Patis

37530 Nazelles-Negron

Nature adventures

Observe the fauna and flora

Loan of a nature trunk: at the reception of the campsite, you can borrow our nature trunk with binoculars, a butterfly net, a landing net, identification books...

Falconry course

Programming of personalized courses on request. Find out.

Animation with the LPO

Open-air cinema at the campsite (free)

Every year on July 25. In 2024, it will be The Bear in Me by Roman Droux

Discover nature in Touraine with Val de Loire Ecotourisme

Nature outings, responsible trips organized by Grégoire, partner of the campsite.

Loire Gardens

With Sophie, discover the gardens on the banks of the Cisse (departing from Nazelles-Négron).

Cultural Adventures

Heritage Days

September 16-17, 2023

Church of Nazelles-Negron

Listed church. To visit, inquire at the town hall.